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The brainchild of company president Steven Cohen, icreatives launched nearly 30 years ago. Steven’s vision was inspired by a simple desire to help his brother, a fine artist, find work. With no prior experience, Cohen leveraged his diverse background in engineering, construction management and project management to bring innovation to the staffing space.

Invigorated by the experience of working with graphic designers and other creative professionals, Cohen decided to amplify his operation in order to occupy a unique niche in the staffing sector. Over the ensuing decades, he committed to crafting and refining the evaluation, matching and sales techniques that make icreatives the industry’s most valuable resource.

Today, with two profitable operations in Palo Alto, California, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, icreatives is ready to help others replicate our impact and mirror our growth as part of our innovative staffing franchise program. Our comprehensive system is designed to outfit you with everything you will need to shake up the industry as the owner of your very own creative staffing business.