Why not design a new future?

You can spot a flawed concept from a mile away. You’re inspired, intuitive and led by a fierce desire to contribute to something bigger than yourself. As a creative professional, you breathe new life into fresh ideas each day. Maybe it’s time to do the same with your destiny. Apply your eye for symmetry, synergy and space to the growth and development of your very own creative staffing business.

Learn how to craft a sustainable business

The icreatives staffing franchise opportunity positions owner-operators to build and maintain a diverse client base while managing a growing team of staffing professionals and a vibrant index of creative talent. If sales isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Bring your knack for rooting out a quality portfolio, and we’ll teach you how to make cold calls that potential clients can’t refuse. It’s all part and parcel of icreatives’ comprehensive staffing franchise offering.

Help creative gurus just like you

You understand the desire to put your best work forward for the opportunity of a lifetime. As a creative staffing business owner, you can help other creative professionals accomplish that as you identify diamonds in the rough and connect them with roles that help them hone their skills and goals. Using our refined methods and processes, you can screen and position standout professionals to pair them with marketing teams and agencies nationwide — all while growing your own business in the staffing services industry.

Franchise Information

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