A unique ownership opportunity for current staffing industry professionals

The exclusive Industry Pro Program (IPP) from i creatives is designed to offer qualified staffing industry employees and executives an opportunity to become franchise owners — with the potential for a full rebate on the initial franchise fee!

To participate, a candidate must have a minimum of three years of experience in the staffing industry and meet other established standards and qualifications (contact us for more details on what it takes!).

If you qualify, you will sign the Franchise Agreement, as well as the IPP Program Addendum, with us, and pay the full initial franchise fee (see our FAQs for more information on fees). Once you have completed your initial training course with us, we will refund one-half of the initial franchise fee. We will refund the remaining one-half of the paid initial franchise fee if you satisfy certain client and billing requirements in the initial weeks of the operation of your i creatives staffing franchise. Please request our FDD for further details!

Franchise Information

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